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This is definitely tomato season and this is a fantastic way to take advantage of it! It gets better as it sits in the fridge so it’s great to whip up a batch and enjoy it all week! This recipe makes about 6 servings, 3 cups total.

Here’s some of my favorite ways to use it!

  • Throw on a bed of mixed greens with a little olive oil & extra lemon juice for a bright, fresh salad with tons of flavor! If I’m making it a meal I’ll also add goat cheese, sunflower seeds and chickpeas!
  • Mix with quinoa & beans for a fresh summer lunch (you can even pack it in a mason jar!)
  • Put on a pita or wrap with your favorite protein like grilled fish, chicken or beans
  • Mix in with scrambled eggs/ egg whites for a flavorful omelet
  • Make a fiesta bowl with pico, rice/ spanish rice, low fat sour cream, avocado and any other burrito-inspired toppings you like!

For more vegan recipes go here!

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