Pieces in Progress: Living fit, healthy, & happy!

I’ve been on a chocolate kick recently, especially with vegan baking. I LOVE the combo of avocado and cocoa powder in baked goods because it comes out fudgy, creamy, and surprisingly healthy! Most of these recipies rely on healthier ingredients (like avocado instead of butter, 1 whole egg + soymilk instead of oil or lots of egg yolks, or Truvia as a replacement for some of the sugar) so that not only are they lower in calories, fat, & carbs, they also tend to be more nutrient rich and balanced!

Remember, a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong process that involves both physical and mental health. It’s about creating a life geared towards treating yourself and your body well. That’s why I love these recipes, they taste great, and just happen to be good for me too so I’m both enjoying myself AND treating my body well!

I have another collection of chocolate based recipes here, but you can always check out my baking, cookie, or cake page to find other healthy recipes! Happy baking! :)

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